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The Perfect Pour Every Time

Lower your costs and increase your profits with AndroBar


Pour TM


Operating a restaurant or bar is hard work and your system should help, not stand in your way.  We designed AndroBar to be easy to use and to include all the features you need.  Our Punch-to-Pour feature receives drink orders automatically from any POS using a chit printer;

No interface required.

Dispensing drinks
POS order reception screen
Portion control
Liquor beverages
AndroBar POS order screen
AndroBar portion control

Control dispensing of all your bottled beverages; liquor and wine.

AndroBar is a liquor control and dispensing system providing complete control and accountability for your bar.

AndroBar can receive orders from any POS.  Chit scanning integration with any POS.  No interface required just simply add a printer.
The ordered item automatically appears on the screen, along with the the required ingredients and prep information.

The bartender can create and pour any custom drink requested by a customer, or they can pour preset drink recipes.
All self-serve pours are recorded by user, ingredient, portion, date and time.  A detailed report can be displayed or printed.

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