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AndroBar parts and accessories

AndroBar-grey donut.png

Activator ring for AndroBar liquor control system


AndroBar programmable spouts

AndroBar-Rubber washer

Spout washer with bracket

AndroBar-two-part security seals

Two-part paper security seals

Androbar-Tabletop stand

AndroBar tablet stand for 7 and 10 inch models

AndroBar - donut holder

Activator ring support

AndroBar GREYBOX Transparent.png

AndroBar activator ring control box


Regular        Large       X-Large (Patron)

Inserts for AndroBar spouts

AndroBar-Spout cover

Spout cover; guards against fruit flies

AndroBar-Regular heatshrink

Heat shrink seals in two sizes; regular and large.

Tube and valve for AndroBar spouts; available in standard and high-flow

AndroBar-CB03 power supply.

Power supply for AndroBar activator control box

AndroBar-Patron heatshrink

Heat shrink seals for Patron, 1800, Don Julio, XO

AndroBar-Undercounter mounting bracket

AndroBar tablet under counter & wall mount for 7 and 10 inch models

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