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AndroBar - Complete solution for your restaurant and bar

AndroBar liquor dispensing system

When Self Service mode is authorized by a supervisor, Bartenders can pour any liquor on the fly while all poured information is simultaneously recorded on both the tablet and in the back office.


Bartenders can also search and display the ingredients and preparation details for any drink. If the drink is selected, then AndroBar will pour the exact portion of each recipe ingredient selected by the Bartender.


At any station, detailed and summarized pouring reports can be displayed on the tablet for authorized users and can optionally be printed using an optional printer.

AndroBar POS order screen

AndroBar is simply a printer and can receive orders from any POS system for complete "Punch-to-Pour" operation.


Once a drink item is ordered from the POS it will appear in the pouring window. Cocktails are displayed with a picture, their recipes and instructions.


First in first out selection so all you have to do is pour, no selecting is required. Any drink in the list can be selected at any time for preparation.


Bartenders can select to

  • group multiple shots using the Singles feature, or

  • use the Shakers feature, to make multiple drinks, like Margaritas, in a shaker.

AndroBar Backoffice Recipes

The AndroBar management software is browser based and can be securely accessed by any browser from your office, home or your phone.


Administration of AndroBar is stress free, with an intuitive design and integrated security.


Programming your bottles is quick and intuitive, with your changes instantly being synchronized to all your pouring stations. Similarly any other changes such as, to Users or Recipes are similarly intuitive and synchronized to your AndroBar.


For your operations, various detailed and summarized reports, such as pouring and deletion reports are available from the AndroBar management software.

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