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At AndroBar we develop software driven liquor control systems.  We are creating new ideas and changing how a conventional liquor control system works and integrates to your POS.  Our "Punch-to-Pour" technology integrates with any POS and only allows what is rung up to be poured.  It will completely free up the time you spend balancing your bar.

Calculating, Controlling, and Understanding Liquor Pour Cost

Controlling the Pour of Liquor Is Vital to Maintaining Quality and Cost. Tracking the pour cost in your bar is essential to your business' success.

Dec. 06, 2020


Why use a liquor control system?

There are many opportunities for mistakes behind a bar. Bartenders are working often without direct supervision. The temptation of handling large sums of cash and dealing with a liquid inventory cannot be controlled.

Dec. 12, 2020

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