AndroBar  - Completely integrated solution with your restaurant and bar POS


AndroBar is a state-of-the-art liquor dispensing system using the most recent tablet technology available. 
Advanced software design allows the Andro-IDPro system to read bar orders sent from any POS and present them to the bartender for preparation.   Everything poured is on someone’s check with the Universal Credit POS interface, or use Standalone mode.

  • Punch to pour

  • Per bottle brand control for up to 999 bar brands

  • RFID Identification

  • 6 manual portions per brand + 1 adjustable

  • Cocktails & shooters management totally integrated

  • Recipe display with instructions and pictures

  • Allows for multiple recipe preparation at the same time

  • Standalone liquor dispenser with or without POS interface

  • Multiple employee security levels

  • Connections for printer & peripherals

  • Back office software for reporting & programming

  • Wireless or wired LAN connection

  • Universal Credit or Spirit communication protocol

  • Recipe management

  • Can receive credits for drink orders issued by just about any POS; without a bar interface.

  • RFID employee card reader (option)

  • VESA type stand for multiple install options


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St Laurent, Québec, H4T 1V3

Tel: 514-664-5872



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